Nadine’s Story – Slimquick Experience

Nadine Erin lost 34 pounds in eight weeks with the help of  Slimquick & the Slimquick Diet & Exercise Program. “I am absolutely thrilled by the  by the results! I feel like a Slimquick Nadine’s Ms. Fitness article focuses on her transformation as she lost 34 lbs in just 8 weeks… “At 151 lbs I had fat everywhere & little energy to do

The Healthy Foodie: How to Eat Healthy on the Cheap

Recently, I received an email that made me take pause. It went: “You (and you’re not alone in this, believe me) seem to imply that all of us are in a position to lug home sacks of sea salt and fresh pomegranates, along with buckets of unpasteurized honey. But there is a large (and rapidly

Momedy: Life in The Hammer

Source: By YUKI HAYASHI Easily acquired beaker from easily caving parents. Whenever we go shopping with the Little Nutball in tow, we end up buying her stuff and forgetting to get what we actually went to the store for. A trip to Queen West Antique Centre (1605 Queen St West), a mid-century modern furniture shop

Momedy: January Blahs

Source: By YUKI HAYASHI A holiday is not really a “day off” unless I get to spend it alone, or with my significant other. We’d eat lunch somewhere, catch a movie (we STILL haven’t seen the “new” Coen Brothers flick, No Country For Old Men), browse around at a bookstore, then pick up our child

Momedy: Irresolute

Source: By YUKI HAYASHI I hate New Year’s Day. Even with a duo of cleaners coming every other week, my house always looks like a tornado ran through, and every time I finally get some toys and cat junk out the door to Goodwill or into the trash, my partner comes home loaded down with