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    YUNNAN OPTO-ELECTRO AUXILIARY MATERIAL CO., LTD. is the cradle of optical auxiliary material in china with a history of 70 years in the development and production of optical auxiliary material. It combines the need of traditional and modern optical processing and develops new products continuously. Its scope of operation and market proportion is in the leading position in China. The products of the company cover all auxiliary materials used in the whole optical processing and assembly. The products include: 
一、auxiliary material
  1、Series diamond products: diamond pellets, diamond milling wheel, electroplated diamond edge grinding wheel, resin diamond grinding wheel and grinding head .2、Series polishing powder: polishing powder with high, medium and low cerium content for optic processing and special polishing powder for crystal processing. 3、Series coolant for optical processing: coolant for milling and fine grinding, cooling oil for edge grinding.4、Series optic cleaning agent: Cleaning agent used for cleaning after polishing, cleaning agent used for cleaning after edge grinding, cleaning agent used before coating and assembly.5、Series adhesive used in optical processing and product assembly: Single component photosensitive glue, pellet adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, rigid blocking adhesive, lens edge grinding adhesive, optical prism positioning adhesive, thread positioning adhesive, lens positioning adhesive and sealing adhesive for optical instrument. 6、Series coating and protective material for optical processing: optical glass protective coating, extinction coating, anti-0il-spreading coating, integral sphere coating, protective wax for engraving, sealing wax, new type of series sealing material, zinc  white filling material, mildew-proof and fog-proof pellets.7、Series lubricating greases for optical instrument: hinge grease, multi-start thread grease, dust-free grease and lens grease for civil optical instrument, lubricating grease for military optical instrument.8、Series optic cleaning material: degreased cotton, degreased cleaning cloth and cleaningagent.

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